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Cook Memorial Library

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Cook Memorial Library

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Eastern Oregon University

Student Show

April 30, 2021 - May 24, 2021


Girl by Corrina Stadler


Planting My Roots I
Planting My Roots I by Koedi Birmingham


Planting My Roots II
Planting My Roots II by Koedi Birmingham


Glub Glub
Glub Glub by Cira Mesubed


Self Growth
Self Growth by Cira Mesubed


Woman's Best Friend
Woman's Best Friend by Isabella Evans


Self-Portrait by Jeryn Walgamott


Death is Calling
Death is Calling by Jeryn Walgamott


Self-Portrait by Sophia Aimone


Life in Flatland
Life in Flatland by Sophia Aimone


Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers by Alexis Lowe


Landscape by Jan Ng


Crane Prairie, Bass
Crane Prairie, Bass by Dustin Follett


Self-Portrait by Jan Ng


Colors, Cows, and Concepts by Elijah Lien


Pattern Collage
Pattern Collage by Kimberly Baum


Chaos in the Calm
Chaos in the Calm by Hope Dircksen